Community Economic Development


Community Economic Development

Community Economic Development (CED) is a division within USDA Rural Development created to enhance the delivery of USDA Rural Development programs and services to people living in persistent poverty and in rural areas that have limited access to economic resources and  job opportunities.

To take on these challenges, USDA Rural Development offers grants, low-interest loans, loan guarantees and technical assistance (professional training) to any rural business, member-Cooperative or economic development organization looking to improve the quality of life for their people.

We connect citizens with essential services such as affordable housingbusiness developmentelectricity and communication infrastructure (including broadband), health care, emergency services and equipmentclean water and healthy food.

Community Economic Development:

Community Economic Development’s “boots on the ground” approach helps communities/regions strengthen their readiness and ability for success. Our customers submit higher-quality applications for project funding, find quality jobs and develop the skills necessary to keep their family and community thriving for generations.

Developing Cooperatives


Most USDA Rural Development programs work through offices in each state. Community Economic Development Leads in each state are ready and willing to help match your Community Economic Development needs with Rural Development’s programs and services. We offer extra help to those having a hard time operating any type of business or applying for a USDA grant or low-interest loan.

National and Field Staff Listing [PDF]